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THINK THEN LEAD is a consulting sales and leadership development company. 

We use organizational leadership and the psychology of human performance to change behavior. 

  • Working with a logistics company with very high turnover, we created a retention program and reduced the employee turnover by 70%. 

  • Working with a manufacturer with struggling sales management, we helped them obtain two new national accounts in six weeks. 

We cannot guarantee the same outcomes for you but it's probably worth a conversation to explore the possibility. 


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After a background in industrial engineering and sales, Don Osborne earned an MA in Counseling and changed careers. During the next several years, he saw over 1,000 individuals and families as clients. He founded a private addiction treatment hospital, and later started an outpatient counseling and consulting agency.  

 While consulting with a sheriff’s department, he was trained by the FBI to be a Crisis Negotiator, and on one occasion talked a gunman into surrendering  in front of an elementary school.     


In a parallel career in higher education, Don served as an Assistant Professor, Department Coordinator, Area Chair, Associate Dean, and Chief Academic Officer for four different colleges and universities. Don also spent several years as a trainer and corporate consultant with Dale Carnegie & Associates.

After several years during which he started up and ran four companies, he earned an MA in Advanced Leadership Studies and a Doctor of Education degree (EdD) in Organizational Leadership. Dr. Don Osborne’s life work has been focused on helping others identify their greatest challenges and develop strategies to overcome them.  He is the founder and principal consultant at THINK THEN LEAD.  His book, Missed Leading, is due out in 2019.

What's with all the gears?

An obvious theme on this website is gears.  When a gear is set in motion, all of the other gears that mesh will be driven into motion, too. If one of the gears does not turn easily, it will need adjustment or it will prevent the rest of the gears from working.  Whether a work team or an athletic team, if a group of people want to achieve their potential, like gears, they have to work together.  As in any system, if that team takes action, all other components of a company will be affected as they interact. 

(Please see the article "Leadership Dynamics" in the Insights section of this website for an explanation of the THINK THEN LEAD logo.)

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